5 Roofing Pests that Can Damage Your Roof

Residential roofing systems are designed to take a beating year-round, and aging and deterioration are normal from years of exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, roofs can sometimes deteriorate much sooner than expected.

Harsh weather is the most common culprit for the sped up deterioration of your shingles. However, animals and insects are also a real threat to many homes.  Roofs aren’t meant to handle constant contact with animals, especially with their methods of entering your home. Unfortunately, our homes make perfect ones for these little critters too.

A shelter is a basic need for most living beings, especially during the colder months. For this reason, our homes appeal to many critters as much it does for humans. These animals won’t have a hard time making their way up on the roof, where they mostly decide to nest. They can burrow through your roofing shingles and eventually into your home.

When they make their colonies, they cause problems beyond loud scurrying noises and unsanitary messes. These pests cause unsightly damage from chewed wires and added holes in the shingles. Their existence can also be hazardous to the health of your family. The sooner you deal with roofing pests, the less expensive and more efficient your roof will become.

The key to preventing a pest infestation is to commit to regular roofing maintenance and inspections. Often, repairs will need to be done by a professional Teays Valley, WV roofer to vulnerable areas to close the entrances to your roof. You also need to call an expert if the damages escalated to compromising the structural integrity and safety of your home

It would also help if you can identify the type of pests that can enter your home. This infographic by Fahey Roofing Contractors shows a multitude of pests that can call your roof home.