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Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

People can acquire many severe diseases as they grow older should they fail to maintain good health. Among those severe diseases, diabetes is one of the leading conditions people fear.


It stands to reason as it is a condition that can affect every single bodily organ from the brain to the heart, to the eyes, and more. People with diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar levels as the body cannot use or produce insulin, which is the hormone responsible for converting glucose to energy.


While it is common for older adults, many children and adolescents are also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment can prevent further complications.

However, it is different for aging adults as they are more at risk of potential complications such as heart disease, kidney damage, and nerve disorders.


As such, understanding diabetes for aging adults means considering home care assistance ct. While many may think that caring for a person with diabetes at home requires no necessary help from professionals, it is essential as a patient’s living condition may affect diabetes management and control.


Sending an elderly loved one to an assisted living facility can support them in administering medications, preparing a nutritional diet, implementing regular physical activities, and the benefits of socialization.


Social and support networks can serve as instrumental support for older adults as they meet others with the same disease.

Furthermore, many Hourly Caregivers in Old Lyme, CT have in-depth knowledge of caring for patients with diabetes. They can help in the prevention and management of diabetes, making it possible for older adults to live well despite their condition and avoid severe complications in the long run.


Understanding how diabetes can affect day to day function, longevity, and overall wellness is essential to protect loved ones from its impending consequences.

Be informed about diabetes in aging adults by checking out this infographic from Euro American Connections & Homecare.