The Nokian iLine range of summer tyres

Nokian Tyres have added the Nokian iLine tyres to their range of summer tyres that include the Nokian Wetproof and the Nokian Powerproof. They each have a quite distinct positioning, where you will choose the Nokian iLine for the smaller cars and the mid-sized cars. The Nokian Powerproof is for the high-performance cars and sports cars, while the Nokian Wetproof is for middle sized and high-powered cars. The Nokian Powerproof and Wetproof are recommended for electric cars, so that you can get further with each charge and you have the proper safety, comfort and performance.

The Nokian iLine is essentially made for the Central European market as a very safe tyre for any summer weather. They offer great stability combined with low rolling resistance, so that you have low noise, low wear and low fuel consumption. They are available in width between 155 cm to 175 cm with speeds up to 190 km/h. If you want tyres that can handle higher speeds you will need to opt for the Nokian Waterproof or the Nokian Powerproof, which can handle speeds up to 300 km/h. The iLine is more targeted for the smaller and less powerful cars

As all the summer tyres they are good at preventing aquaplaning as they have shaped grooves between the shoulder blocks to increase the speed of the water outflow, so that the tyres are able to quickly remove the water between the tyres and the road surface. The problem arises when tyres aren’t able to remove the water quick enough and the tyre starts to plane on the water layer. This is when control over the car is lost and accidents happen. This is why it is essential to select tyres that are good at preventing aquaplaning.

The Nokian Waterproof you can almost by the name hear that they are good during wet conditions. It has a A-rating on the EU tyre label for wet grip, which means that it is very effective in stopping on wet roads. The rolling resistance is also good, and they exhibit a B on fuel efficiency, which means that they have low rolling resistance and are therefore also recommended for electric vehicles. Their ability to prevent aquaplaning comes from the dual zone safety concept which secures great road grip with advanced wet grip.

Good summer tyres have to be combined with winter tyres for the cold winter season, or then you also have the option to go for some winter approved all-season tyres, where you don’t have to change between summer and winter tyres. This will all depend on where in Central Europe you live and what need you have for winter tyres. If you do go for the Nokian iLine, then you will need winter tyres if you plan to drive in winter conditions. If you won’t see any snow, ice or slush you can keep the tyres on all the year. Some people will also just store the car during the winter and refrain from driving.

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