The best winter-approved tires for an SUV?

SUV studded tires

When you have an SUV and plan to drive in winter conditions, you need to have winter-approved tires. Three different tire types are approved for winter use. They are the SUV studded tires. SUV non-studded tires and SUV all-weather tires. The choice between them will most likely depend on where you live. Not all states or provinces allow the SUV studded tires to be used. If they aren’t allowed, you are left with either non-studded or all-weather tires. If they are allowed, then most likely you have winter conditions that warrant changing to winter tires, so then the all-weather tires are not your best option.

When driving on winter roads, it is essential to stay calm and adjust the speed according to the conditions. It is important not to drive too fast, as even with the best tires driving in winter conditions isn’t easy. Selecting premium SUV tires will be necessary. If you have a few months of winter, it is always safer to select premium tires that are well known to perform well and keep you safe. If you feel that the winters don’t warrant the use of dedicated winter tires, then you can always look at all-weather tires as long as you know that driving with all-season tires isn’t an option. If studded tires are allowed, they will always outperform non-studded tires, especially on ice. If studded tires are allowed and feel that there is a need for a better grip, they should be your first choice.

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