When should you consider using all-season tyres

All-season tyres can be a great advantage when you do not want to change tyres, and you live in an area with winter conditions, but the winter isn’t that long or severe. These tyres are rated for use in harsh winter conditions and has the emblem “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” to signify their approval for use in these conditions. This tyre is excellent to use any time of the year in many areas in Central Europe.

Your summer tyres are suitable for the three seasons of the year, and those are spring, summer and autumn. If you live experiences severe winters, you would need to complement your summer tyres with winter tyres. Instead of living in an area with unpredictable weather, you might be better off using all-season tyres. You have all-season tyres like the Nokian Weatherproof or Nokian Seasonproof, which can handle winter and summer conditions with its season sense concept; they can get the siping, the rubber compound and the tread design to achieve excellent grip both in winter and summer.

Contrary to summer tyres, the all-season tyres can handle snow and ice and, therefore, be marked with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol designating its use in severe winter conditions. This is because the all-season tyres can be considered a hybrid between all-season tyres and a winter tyre. The summer tyres are only safe in the spring, autumn and summer season if you live in an area with winter weather.

Additionally, summer tyres like the Nokian Wetproof have a unique tread pattern to provides excellent wet grip and a smooth and quiet ride. They are also developed with the latest technologies to remaining an environmentally friendly tyre. It also has silent sidewall technology to ensure noise and vibration-free ride. The polished lateral and inside grooves also allow the water to evacuate, thereby protecting it from aquaplaning. You can also experience aquaplaning when the snow melts, and there is slush or sleet on the road.

Summer tyres can be used all year-round in areas without winter weather or not with severe winters. The great advantage of a summer tyre is that it will eliminate the need to change tyres. This is only the case if living in areas with three seasons. With its innovative design, the Nokian Wetproof assures ultimate safety and excellent handling both on wet and dry surfaces. This is because of the many innovations like polished grooves and silent sidewall technology, minimising noise and vibration.

Regardless of which tyres you end up choosing, you must make sure that the tyres remain in good conditions, free from cuts or cracks. The tread depth also has to be above the recommended tread depth of 4 mm, and you need to make sure that the tyre pressure is at the recommended level. Low tyre pressure leads to increased tyre wear and a negative impact on the car’s performance. The fuel consumption also increases, making each distance you drive more costly. So, make sure that you check the pressure frequently.

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