Choosing tires for hybrid and electric SUVs

SUV all-season tires

When choosing tires for electric and hybrid SUVs, you should look for tires with low rolling resistance to be able to benefit from the increased fuel efficiency. Even though electric SUVs don’t actually use fuel, they will be able to benefit by being able to go further on each charge. Rolling resistance is the force resisting the car’s forward motion and is increased by things like tire patterns, friction, the weight of the vehicle, drag, inertia, and the amount of friction between the road and the tires. When using a low rolling resistance tire, you increase fuel efficiency by reducing energy loss. When using a low rolling resistance tire, you increase your fuel economy by reducing energy loss. In addition, low rolling resistance tires can be considered environmentally friendly as they are fuel-efficient.

Other factors that affect the rolling resistance are the tread pattern, the size of the tires, and the tire compound. The tread pattern significantly impacts the rolling resistance, with a more aggressive tread pattern reducing the rolling resistance. The tire compound also plays a role in rolling resistance. Nowadays, silica and oils are often added to the tire compound to help reduce rolling resistance. Finally, the tire dimension can also affect the rolling resistance, with wider tires having higher rolling resistance. Therefore, it is vital to consider the manufacturer’s recommended tire dimensions when buying tires for electric and hybrid SUVs. The correct tire dimensions will assure the best handling and performance and maintain the best fuel efficiency.

If the recommended dimension for your vehicle is 275/65R18 and you’re in the market for all-season tires, you would need 275/65R18 all-season tires. In general, the all-season tires have the lowest rolling resistance as their tread pattern is not as aggressive as either snow tires or all-weather tires.  However, all-season tires with larger dimensions than your car manufacturer’s recommended dimensions would also have a higher rolling resistance, which will increase your driving and tire costs.

If you plan to purchase some good-quality SUV all-season tires, then you should definitely consider the Nokian Tires One all-season. These all-season tires feature the latest technologies, offering uncompromising performance, durability, comfort, and safety on wet and dry surfaces while remaining low rolling resistance tires. They also provide the “Aramid Sidewall technology” that renders the tire exceptionally durable and virtually puncture-resistance. These special aramid fibers strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange. Both hybrid or electric SUVs are heavier than traditional cars, making grip and traction very important. With the additional weight of electric and hybrid SUVs due to the battery packs, they require longer braking distances.

When choosing tires for electric or hybrid SUVs, make sure to keep to the manufacturer’s recommended size of tires for your make and model car or SUV and buy low rolling resistance tires to benefit from the increased energy savings while also enjoying the best handling and performance.

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