Avoid flying for improved safety throughout Europe

With the current restrictions when it comes to flying and also entry restrictions in some countries, it might actually be more convenient to drive instead of flying. Summers are always a good time to drive and when you have the car you can stop and visit places on the way. This can make it more fun. And since the price is almost the same if you fill up the car with passengers, you can reduce the cost per person by filling up the car.

Before you leave on a longer road trip, you should check that your car and your tyres are in good condition. You need to make sure that your summer tyres have good tread depth. You might also be driving with all-season tyres, but the same applies for them. When you have filled up the car with people and luggage it is time to stop by the first petrol station and check the tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure can make the trip very expensive as it increases the fuel consumption, and the tyres will wear out more rapidly. You should also check the current tread depth and if you are almost at 4 mm you might be better of getting a new set of tyres for your trip. Check also that the reserve tyre is in good condition and that there is enough air in it.

You should also check that all the lights are working including the brake lights. Fill up with windshield wiper fluid and check the oil. Once that is all checked, you can leave knowing that the car and the tyres are in good condition. Depending on how far you will drive it is worth checking the tyre pressure now and then when you anyway stop for fuel, to ensure that the pressure is still as per recommended value. The pressure will also change with the temperature, so if you drive between areas where you have big temperature differences it is worth checking the pressure immediately.

It is worth doing your homework before you leave so that you know how to drive to where you want to go and also see if there are any places worth stopping at. Then put the information into the car’s navigation system so that you are prepared and once you leave you can concentrate on the driving. Not being stressed is important when you drive, as it makes you a worse driver.

Also check your insurance that it covers all the countries that you will travel to and what you need to have in the car. The car should also be equipped with a fluorescent vest and warning triangle if something would happen. If you then plan to drive during the winter, it is important to know that studded winter tyres aren’t allowed in every country and that you might need to have snow chains in the car for some countries. Doing your research pays off.

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