All-season tires have a low rolling resistance

all-season tires

The all-season tire is a great economical tire that can help you save on gas due to its low rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is defined as the force resisting the motion when the wheel moves on the road. When this resistance is reduced, it will allow you to save on gas or the distance that can be traveled by an electric car before the battery needs to be charged.  Low rolling resistance tires are considered environmentally friendly as they help lower carbon emissions and thereby reducing pollution. All-season tires are the tires most commonly used on hybrid and electric cars as well.

Tires like all-season tires allow you to keep one set of tires throughout the year if you live in an area where the winters don’t require winter and snow tires. The reason why all-season tires are not recommended for severe winter weather is that the all-season tires have not passed the required performance criteria in snow testing.

All-season tires like the Nokian Tyres One offer excellent grip and handling as well as low rolling resistance, so you can save as much as 6 percent on your fuel costs. In addition, they offer excellent grip on wet and dry roads alike. These tires also provide the Nokian Tyres pothole protection warranty as these tires have the aramid sidewall technology, which renders the tires virtually puncture-proof.  The aramid fibers reinforcing the sidewall make for a more robust tire, which will allow you peace of mind even when encountering road hazards. Potholes can pose a severe threat to tires, causing blowouts in tires not having reinforced sidewalls. These tires also offer protection against hydroplaning with innovations to help displace more water from between the tires and the road. With hydroplaning being the reason for many accidents, this is an important safety feature.

In areas with severe winter weather, winter tires should be used in the winter.  Winter tires like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV are great winter tires with the new double-stud technology that can handle the most challenging winter conditions.  This technology allows for excellent grip and traction on ice and snow, improving both acceleration and braking. Like all winter and snow tires, they also hold the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem, signifying their approved use in severe winter weather. These eco-friendly tires are also come recommended for hybrid and electric cars.

All-season tires are low rolling resistance tires that can help you save money on gas while allowing you to use one set of tires throughout the year in areas not requiring winter tires in the winter. If your location requires winter tires, you should consider changing into winter tires before the winter season.  Storing a second set of wheels with already mounted winter tires in the garage can facilitate this changeover. This option is possibly the best option in areas with severe winters as winter tires with studs can be used.

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