Get your car in shape and ready for the winter season

Driving during the winter is challenging; however, you can make it much easier with the right tyre selection. Good quality winter tyres are the best way to make winter driving safe. You can choose between studded tyres or non-studded tyres, where the studded perform better on ice than the ones without studs, while on snow and slush, they are equally good. However, it is very important to make sure that you have the tyres mounted well in time before the winter weather arrives. Driving with summer tyres in winter conditions is associated with great danger and should be avoided.

Summer tyres have a different tread design and rubber compound, making them a bad choice during winter. So even from the point that the temperature goes below zero degrees, you should have winter tyres on your car.  You will need the rubber compound of winter tyres and also the tread design. If you choose a studded or a non-studded tyre, it is more related to if you live in an area that is icier or has more snowy conditions. Studded tyres will always outperform non-studded tyres on pure ice and tightly packed snow.

You should make sure to schedule your tyre change before the snow could come so that you are prepared.  If you are too late, then don’t try to drive with summer tyres, as it is better to just leave the car for a day or two until the snow has melted. If you change too late, then the warm weather might not return. A timely tyre change is important and having professionals doing the tyre change for you can be very convenient, and they can also store the tyres for you in their tyre hotel storage so that you have them there until you need them again.

In addition to checking that your tyres are good for winter driving, it is also good to check that the rest of the car is well prepared for the winter. Therefore, it is good to do a quick service of the car to make sure that all the critical parts of the car are functioning, as they should. You will need to rely on that the brakes and shock absorbers are working well and that all the fluids are filled up, and lights are working as they should when you enter the darker winter season.

It is also important to make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car that includes a window scraper, a shovel, and some warm clothing for the winter. Flashlight and a power bank for your phone can be a good addition if you get stuck or your car breaks down. With the timely change of tyres and having good quality tyres mounted on your car, and knowing that the car is in good condition, you reduce the chance of this happening while driving.

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