Summer tyres and winter tyres

I think we all know which tyre is which and when they should be used. I just wanted to highlight as winter is approaching, so we need to start thinking about changing from winter tyres to summer tyres. Summer tyres are as the name indicates designed for summer and warm weather, as the temperatures start creeping down, it can be worth planning when a good time is to change the tyres. If your winter tyres are studded, then you have October 1st as your earliest date in the Northern Europe. If you live in southern parts of Europe, you might not need winter tyres at all. If you live in areas that need winter tyres, October 1st might be a bit early. However, booking a date for tyre change around the time you feel comfortable with makes sense. Do remember that it is important to do it a bit early than a bit late.

You avoid surprises by the weather, and you don’t have to worry anymore of when to change. It is already in your calendar.  As it is not safe to drive with summer tyres in winter conditions, the change has to be made prior to us reaching winter conditions. If winter conditions arrive prior to you doing the change, then it is not safe to drive, and you should avoid it at all costs. If you are hit early with winter weather it is most likely to disappear before the real winter arrives, so you should try to find alternative transport for that duration, until you can get your car safely to the car service station to carry out the change of tyres.

A manufacturer that doesn’t have the possibility to continuously test tyres in real conditions and try to improve the tyres, will not be as competitive when it comes to producing great performance. Copying a function or feature from a tested tyre, might not yield the same performance. Therefore, a high quality winter tyre can really give you the extra performance and safety that can keep you out of danger while driving on winter roads. If you have studded tyres they can really help you in areas with a lot of ice on the roads, that are very common if you live in coastal areas. Studded tyre as are however not allowed in every country.

With this continuous improvement, the winter tyres are now safer; you have the option to go for studded or non-studded tyres, both with excellent winter properties. They are both providing you today with great driving experience. The studded tyres now have shorter studs that are quiet and have outstanding grip on winter surfaces and you have non-studded tyres that also have outstanding grip. These continuous improvements of the functionality in both tyre design and of the materials used have yielded the better results. The tests support this and thus we have safer tyres today and will have even safer tyres in the future.

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