What are NFTs and How to Best Protect Them

There has been a massive flare-up in the currency of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the third quarter of 2021, reaching over $11 billion in just a year. Investors are now well out with the non-stop increase on NFTs network. However, this has also attracted fraudulent phishers targeting NFTs, resulting in various security concerns for users with weak NFT authentication measures. If you’re thinking of venturing NFTs, you must know the perks and the risks associated with it. But, don’t worry; these risks are manageable with the proper knowledge and the best authentication measures. Your tokens are no different from other cryptocurrencies; they are all prone to hackers; thus, it takes more than a strong password to ensure your digital wallet is wholly protected.

NFTs FIDO2 Solution

Apart from ensuring you have the best password combination, it is also essential to consider other ways to protect your digital assets. While non-fungible tokens are not as safe as other cryptocurrencies, they’re no less valuable than any other cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, it’s essential to follow basic safety measures to protect your assets. When it comes to ensuring that your digital assets are with the best protection, it is vital to know more about the best security authentication methods, like FIDO2 passwordless authentication. This authentication method helps prevent hackers from accessing your digital assets by creating strong protection using your biometrics and personal device. The registration includes the registry of your biometric (fingerprint, face scan), which are also inscribed to your device. Your device and biometrics will stand as your key to access any of your digital assets. Digital asset passwords are liable to hackers, SIM swapping, and frauds. Hence, protecting your digital assets with passwords alone is just the same as giving a reverse idea of your security pin to fraudulent phishers. Thus, it is vital to know the best ways and services to help you secure and protect your digital assets at all costs. Get to know more about the ways to protect your NFTs and create a robust digital signature as you check out the infographic we have from LoginID.