Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Sports betting refers to betting and forecasting the outcome of sporting events. The type and frequency with which bets are placed will vary depending on the culture of each game. But people’s excitement didn’t falter and only overlapped due to gambling as they anxiously awaited their team win.

The history of sports betting began in the early 1900s with Black Sox scandal. Eight Chicago White Sox players intentionally lost the World Series. Arnold Rothstein was their team owner and bribed them for $10,000. The scandal caused a rift in the reputation for sports betting, and many believed that gambling in professional sports could compromise the integrity of the rivalry.

The good news about this is that people have a better opinion of the industry after recent events in sports betting.

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned and legalized the Professional Sports Protection Act. It made sports betting much more popular. The supervisory gave people the ability to place bets in any sport and all countries. The broadcast of first NFL game on television was televised in 1993. This broadcast made it easier for businesses to succeed.

As the popularity of gambling increased, casinos opened and regulated betting. It allowed more sports to play in the United States: American football, basketball, and horse racing.

Even though the gambling ban didn’t affect professional games, the online entertainment offers wagering twice as fun.

It was all possible because of modern technology that enabled online sports gambling. Now, people can participate on sport gambling anywhere they want to because there are mobile applications and websites like WWBET Mobile are now available to visit and play on mobile devices, personal computers, technologized tablets, and laptops.

Once you are familiar with the history behind sports gambling, you can go deeper and get a better idea of why the industry becomes successful today.

For more information about the most famous sports betting wins of all time, check out the infographic below developed by the well-known and one of the best online casino Malaysia company, CM2BET:

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History
Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History