Hurricane Ida is in the Rear-View Mirror. What’s Next?

Many real estate owners have sought the help of a structural engineer New Jersey after Hurricane Ida. They required a structural inspection of their residential or commercial properties.

Residents need to determine if the building might be vulnerable to future calamities. They must also prepare the funds to cover the expenses for the repairs and restorations. It is paramount to make their building’s structure sturdier moving forward.

The extent of damage is often based on different factors. These include closeness to the storm’s route, the structure’s age, and the quality of construction materials. Even if some buildings sustained only minor defects, they might worsen over time if left unchecked. As a result, they will become more dangerous safety hazards for people.

The professional engineer will examine the structure’s current condition to see if it is still safe to use. They will check possible faults on the exterior components, foundation walls, structural frame, roof, and other major structural systems. They will also identify the cause of the damage (flying debris, water, or wind). Following that, they will give the proper recommendations on reinforcing the structure.

Additionally, structural assessments are also essential even before a storm arrives. Timely inspections can help property owners determine faults in the building components. This enables them to address problems immediately. Keeping the structure in good condition can help reduce the damage from another calamity.

For the Garden State’s residents, it is imperative that they hire the right engineer to do the job. With so many engineering firms, it can be challenging to choose the right structural engineer Mercer County. One way to screen candidates is to consider their credentials and experience. This way, they can steer clear of under-experienced people. Those with an inexperienced eye might miss underlying structural issues during the inspection.

Hurricane Ida might already be in the rear-view mirror, but there might be another storm this year or the next. See this infographic from Lockatong Engineering to learn more.

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