General Contractor Insurance: Coverage and Benefits

General Contractor Insurance: Coverage and Benefits

No matter how excellent your safety measures are or how well your employees adhere to this, there are accidents that are beyond your control. When you fail to respond or address unexpected accidents, the success and growth of your business might be at stake.

That is why if you work as a contractor, it is best if you would invest in general contractor insurance. This insurance protects your company, assets, and employees if anything unforeseen happens, resulting in significant loss or liabilities.

To enlighten you more about general contractor insurance, here are what it covers and its benefits.


  1. Bodily injury: In the course of service, an employee, client, or third party is injured at your business or on your client’s property. For example, a client falls over a piece of equipment while you are on the job.
  2. Medical payments: Medical expenditures incurred as a result of injury claims. For example, suppose a client has surgery due to an injury sustained on a property you were working on.
  3. Property Damage: During service, your client’s or a third party’s property may be damaged. For example, while working on cabinets, you may cause damage to the floor.
  4. Advertising Liability: You can be sued for libel, slander, or defamation if a business or third party suffers financial losses due to a misleading advertisement. For example, in a commercial, making a false remark about a competition.


  1. Protect your assets: Due to the fact that many general contractors are sole owners, their personal assets are linked to the firm and might be utilized to settle obligations. This makes insurance even more vital because a lawsuit cannot only close down a firm but can also damage your personal finances.
  2. Cover legal expenses: If an employee or third party sues your company, general contractor insurance will pay the costs, including attorney fees and damages.
  3. Peace of mind: ​ Knowing that your company is protected in the case of an unexpected disaster gives you and also your customers peace of mind. Contractors who are appropriately insured are more likely to be hired by clients.

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