Adding Distillery to Restaurants

Consumers may want to take their experience beyond just trying and buying new wine. 

Distillery restaurants are on the rise. Most people enjoy sampling their favorite wines in a distillery, and it is no surprise that they will want to pair it with their preferred food as well. 

The ideal distillery cuisines will pleasure any discriminating diner while also providing liquor enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy delightful glimpses of their favorite spirit throughout the meal.

If you want to find the best bar and grill near me while also enjoying wine, there is no need to search elsewhere. The distillery restaurant at Apply Valley may be just what you are looking for. 

People can expect a farm-to-table menu and seasonal availability of local produce, making it ideal for anyone wanting a healthier means to eat away from home. The expert team of chefs will undoubtedly surprise the community with exclusive items. 

Moreover, the key attraction of the location is the Stillhouse, which has a 500-liter German-built copper still that produces Bourbon, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, and Gin. It also features a tasting area where you can sample the various and unique handmade beverages.

The area has a fully-fenced farmers market which consists of a dedicated parking lot and vendor booths. Special events like live music entertainment and festivals are also held. 

Adding a distillery will help restaurants become successful in the future. It provides a way to promote a brand. By offering customizable drinks and beers, brand awareness is increased and helps attract more customers to your brand. 


Enjoy Town’s End Restaurant and Bar

Chet Hitt and Rebekah Hitt are the founders of Town’s End Stillhouse & Grill, a place for people who live in and love the High Desert. It serves to give the general public the best environment, food, in-house distilled liquor, and an experience that will be unsurpassed and remembered. 

Visit their website www.townsendstillhouse.com/ or contact them at (760) 961-8696.