What are the Different Functions of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Accidents can be overwhelming and stressful for the victims. Instead of focusing on recovery, an injured individual needs to handle calls and bills from insurance companies, doctors, etc. And this is when an individual needs a personal injury lawyer CA the most.

An accident injury lawyer Costa Mesa assists people in seeking financial compensation. The comp serves as the finances for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Personal injury (PI) attorneys also help clients recover while discouraging others from committing the same offense.

Moreover, PI lawyers perform the following different functions:

Explaining the Victim’s Rights

A PI attorney enlightens the individual involved in an accident about his rights. Aside from different statutes, each state has their comparative negligence rules. The statute of limitations refers prescribed period for suing the negligent party. Meanwhile, comparative negligence determines if the person can sue the other party for accusing him of contributing to the accident and what compensation he can receive. The complexity of cases can be intricate for people to understand, so hiring a lawyer is a must.

Providing Legal Advice

The PI lawyer gives clients a walkthrough of complicated legal procedures, interprets medical and insurance jargon, and handles paperwork. The lawyer will recommend that the person seek medical treatment to document the relationship between the accident and injury. The attorney also shares objective opinions to make the best possible decisions without fear and intimidation.

Representation in the Court

In some cases, the insurance company might deny the claim. The victim can only seek compensation by going through a full civil trial if this happens. Undergoing litigation is complex, so letting an attorney handle the case is a must for the client to understand the proper procedures to be taken.

Victims do not need to take the case themselves. PI lawyers can provide legal assistance to win the lawsuit in court.

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