Cloud-based Biometric Authentication for Multi-Device Credentials


Passwordless sign-ins have become a more secure method for identity verification for online chat and various digital platforms.

The FIDO Alliance, along with tech leaders Google, Microsoft, and Apple shared knowledge of supporting a common passwordless sign-in standard, wherein websites are provided the capabilities of a multi-device passwordless option.

Cloud-based Biometric Authentication

The new multi-device credential authentication feature of FIDO2 (the umbrella name for FIDO’s set of features) encourages portability across devices, allowing individuals to log into accounts using their fingerprints, faces, or PIN codes.

Yet, FIDO still has some shortcomings when it comes to overall security, such as the inability to validate the identity of the genuine account owner and enterprises holding no record of which device-authenticated user made a login or transaction.

With the continuous rise of cyberattacks, such information can still be subject to theft or data breach. You can check out loginID to know more about securing personal data.

With this in mind, it is crucial to support businesses in transitioning from operating on device-only to a more secure cloud-based biometric authentication in conjunction with the FIDO authentication. Users on the cloud can embrace the assurance of a seamless login procedure with secure identity document authentication.

Biometrics further confirms the identity of a person logging into an account because it enforces a surer way to verify the account owner.

Organizations may get search and enrollment capabilities with cloud-based biometrics without creating such systems themselves. Biometrics technology may be rapidly added to current procedures for everyday identity management operations by businesses of all sizes.

In addition, businesses may take advantage of more extensive functionality across numerous devices using cloud-based authentication without sacrificing user experience.

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