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5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

For people interested in establishing a business, especially those inclined to enter the retailing world, initially thinking about it is an easy task. However, there is more to realize than merely securing capital, business premises, and hiring staff.

More often than not, many overlook putting themselves in the customer’s shoes, whether owner, manager or employee. It is essential to have a customer perspective to determine what improvements and methods a business needs to make.

For instance, when customers see a store offering discounts, free samples, and bundling, it stimulates their purchasing decisions and will likely increase an establishment’s foot traffic. All of which are the basics of a sales promotion.

Though sales promotion is generally widely recognized, its execution has not significantly changed over the years. Nonetheless, it has become more sophisticated thanks to the help of technology.

There are several challenges in ensuring effective sales promotion, starting with retail businesses getting more competitive than ever. However, a more pressing concern for retailers is the question when it comes to ways of making sure they stand out among other competitors.

SOLUM’s Newton can be the answer for those seeking to enhance their sales promotion executions and offer the best shopping experience for customers. An electronic shelf label can replace paper price labels, often secured with different holders, such as wire shelf label holders.

Unlike traditional retail shelf tags, ESLs can help save printing costs and time from manually creating labels and promo posters.

These days, many customers are accustomed to service via different platforms. Usually, customers who have an inquiry about product information spend their time looking for someone to assist them, and businesses must be ready to provide them a convenient way of addressing their concerns.

SOLUM’s Newton has innovative features beyond the ability to displace price labels as it can also give up to 7 pages of data information for a particular product.

Read this infographic from SOLUM to learn more about Newton’s features and realize the benefits it can provide for businesses.
5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions