Top 5 Most Loved Window Tint by Customers

There are many benefits to window tinting, ranging from protection from harmful UV rays to energy savings. Tinted windows can also help prevent expensive items from fading and bleaching from the sun. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, tinted windows also help to keep floors and window sills bright and fresh. Adding a tinted window to your home will improve your home’s curb appeal while protecting valuable items from the sun’s rays.

Protection against UV rays

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from UV rays is installing window film. Window films have been developed to filter UV radiation and can be applied to residential and business windows. Some films even have microscopic particles, such as nano-ceramic particles, which reflect the ultra-violet wavelength. This way, they prevent your home from being affected by UV rays.

Generally, the strongest UV rays are found between 10 am and 4 pm and are stronger at higher elevations. The amount of UV exposure is also affected by cloud cover. While some clouds can reflect UV rays, others will get through and reach you. Even if there are no clouds, UV rays can be reflected from water, snow, sand, paved surfaces, grass, and pavement.

Energy savings

Several factors play a major role in determining whether window tinting in Tucson AZ is the best choice for energy saving. For example, how much light do the windows let in? How much heat does the air conditioning system have to work to maintain the desired temperature in a room? How much energy are you currently spending on air conditioning? How much money would you save if you installed window film? There are many ways to calculate your energy savings, and the easiest method is to use the Energy Star program.

Another factor determining whether or not window tinting is an energy-efficient solution is its effectiveness in blocking heat. The biggest benefit of window tinting in Mesa AZ is the ability to block ultraviolet rays and other heat from entering a room. Heat can cause energy bills to rise. However, you do not have to install the dark film to enjoy the heat-reflecting qualities. Experts can recommend the right film for your needs.

Preventing burglaries

Installing window bars is a common way to secure your home. This is one of the most effective burglary prevention methods, but make sure that you place them on the inside. While window bars may seem like an impenetrable barrier, burglars are less likely to try breaking them if they see the bars on the other side. Additionally, burglars are more likely to avoid breaking windows with bars installed on the outside because it makes a lot of noise. A burglar’s goal is to break into a home or office as quickly as possible, so they will try to avoid this step.

If you want to learn more about window films, check out the infographic below from Kepler: