Importance of Choosing the Right Trailer Parts

Choosing the right trailer parts for your needs is a crucial step. Mismatched or incorrect equipment can dramatically impact the quality and efficiency of your shipment. Choosing the right one can be challenging with all the options available. However, it can be done with a little savvy and the following information.

You’ll find there are several types of trailer parts, all of which are geared to meet specific requirements. Some are ideal for hauling cargo, while others are for securing your vehicles. One of the essential parts of your trailer is the axle and brakes. 

Trailer Axles 

Choosing the right trailer axles is essential for the safety and stability of your trailer. The weight capacity of the axle is a significant factor in determining how much load your trailer can safely carry. 

The gross combined weight rating (GCWR) should be considered whether you choose a single-axle or a tandem-axle trailer. The GCWR is a measure of the total weight of the load and cargo in the vehicle. If the GCWR is too low, the vehicle may not be able to handle the weight, and it may not be safe to drive. The GCWR of a trailer will also be affected by the load distribution. A well-distributed load can support up to 50% of the trailer’s total weight. 

Trailer Electric Brakes

Electric brakes apply braking pressure to the wheels of a trailer, usually a camper or travel trailer. They can be activated using a hand lever or a button. The amount of braking power applied is adjustable based on the surface conditions and the load’s weight.

Before you go on your next trip, you should check out the braking system on your trailer. It is a legal requirement and will give you confidence while you tow. If your brakes are not up to the task, you may end up swerving and causing injury or damage to others.

There are two main types of trailer electric brakes. The first is a surge system, like the typical electric drum brake on a medium-duty trailer. In addition, it uses hydraulic fluid to apply braking pressure. The other type of brake is an electromagnetic track brake. It consists of two half-moon-shaped brake shoes that rest against a flange on the trailer’s axle. These shoes are made of unique material that prevents the wheel from spinning. Discover more about trailer parts and the best place to check out as you explore Trailers 2000 Parts.